Chef’s 30A Deli is now open. bringing you Chef Justin’s creations for breakfast, sandwiches, salads, poke bowls, beer and wine, and more! Chef Justin is the former chef/owner of the highest rated restaurant in Clearwater FL, The Chef’s Table Cafe and The Chef’s Table Catering (still open) in Miramar Beach. Looking forward to seeing you soon!. Get ready for some knock your socks off good food. We’re off the beaten path a bit but like mama always said if you cook it they will come. I think that’s what she always said I wasn’t listening that’s what I remember best.

The new Chef’s 30A Deli is located at the back of Gulf Place. A small place by Chef Justin Sharpe serving a fresh selection for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Specials are posted daily.

Open Hours​

 Monday – Thursday 10:30 am – 9pm
  Friday, Saturday,Sunday 8am – 9pm

Feel the Foodie Love